James Burton

In 1993 I moved to the UK to follow my first love of motorsport and expand my amateur career to a professional one. My speciality is commercialising the marketing platforms that top tier motorsport present. I focus on innovation and creative deal structures.

My work resulted in the Williams F1 team being the first legacy team to go non-tobacco with Compaq as its prime sponsor, Inmarsat becoming the first ever prime sponsor of the World Rally Championship and BP Castrol becoming the prime sponsor of the Ford World Rally Team, and technical partner of Ford Motor Company.

More recently my work created an agreement for KPMG with McLaren Applied Technology and the McLaren F1 team, setting a new standard for the structure of commercial partnerships in sport. My work has produced in excess of $850 million of new sponsorship revenue into Formula One and the World Rally Championship.


I bring to clients the ability to consider different perspectives based on experience of growing up in one hemisphere and working in another, a curiosity of people along with choices they have made and why, and knowledge of factors preventing transforming changes. My work style is directed towards a transformation process for clients, my manner is rigorous, compassionate, sometimes challenging if appropriate and overall guided by the desire for positive change in a client’s life.