Potential Income & Performance
Eliminate Stress & Worry
Retain Key Staff
Increase Return on Staff Investment

“Coaching helps unlock full potential and provides a pathway to confidence and clarity.”
Price Waterhouse Coopers, tax law lecturer University of Otago, presenter NZ Society of Accountants.
Driven to move from NZ to UK to pursue a career in world championship motorsport.
Sold in excess of $850 million in innovative sponsorship packages for legacy teams Williams F1, McLaren, Ford Motor Company and the WRC.
Suffered a stroke in 2012, surviving and recovering lead to exploring personal development, recognising life balance and a desire to help others achieve what they want in life.
Retain key staff
Eliminate burnout
Maximise staff performance
Minimise staff downtime or losses
Increase return on staff investment
Potential income
Minimise stress
Confidence and clarity
Individual life balance
Achieve professional potential

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what my clients say


I started working with James to help me reach some long-term goals that feel like they're taking too long to reach, whilst maintaining a healthy home life. I find the way James works difficult to describe. It's as if he points out doors I can't see - but once I can see them, I'm able to open them to a new way of working or living, whatever the issue at hand was. The work we've done has been solid step-taking towards realising my goals. I generally go into the sessions with only a vague feeling about what it is that I'd like to adjust, then come out with a clear set of actions until our next session. I look forward to continuing my work with him.

Writer, Actress, Mother

I have had regular sessions with James and see transformational changes in my life. James coached me on both personal and professional front, thanks to his skills I became stronger to face challenges and able to identify and implement positive change.
I feel empowered and able achieve a greater success in my life.

Barclays Bank

I sought help to start networking to grow my business. James helped me realise I had the core skills and contacts I needed. He showed me how to develop these skills and how to use my existing network to generate business. I look forward to continuing work with James as my business grows and objectives mature.